Relationship Advice

Found this from the Internet, a masterpiece 🙂

“Don’t just jump fully into every potential relationship. Be smart. Be single. Be happy where you are. Be friends with those of the opposite sex. Don’t push physical intimacy. Learn to love selflessly. Learn what it means to be there for someone no matter what. If you don’t have these principles, there will be no last one. You can’t just ping-pong off girls until one works out, finding “the one” is not just chance.

Get to know someone, grow to love them for who they are. The whole “how will I know unless I try” thing is a myth. There are many ways to know without trying. When you complicate things by trying to make them romantic right away, you can fool yourself into thinking someone who is completely wrong is right. Much could be saved by merely starting off platonic, and finding out whether there’s any chance of real friendship.

Any lasting relationship is founded in friendship. Also forget the damn concept of “the one” or the question of “what if someone better comes along.” All people have their shit and issues. All will eventually dull in comparison to the hot young thing across the room. You gotta live life without regrets and stick to commitments. You can’t bitch out the second things get rough or boring and use “they weren’t the ‘one'” as an excuse. As long as they aren’t completely terrible or crazy, which they shouldn’t be if you took the time to get to know them first.

Last, you have to make sure they are on the same level as you and have the same values as far as relationships go. If they aren’t willing to rise to your level of commitment, it’s not worth it. Make sure you both agree on where you want the relationship to go, don’t rush into something with no idea where it’s going, that hardly ever works out. Basically, if you just want sex or if you want to marry, make it clear from the start and make sure they have the same expectation or at least are very open to it.

If you don’t know what you want, you’re not ready for the “last one” and you can either choose to wait until you are or to throw yourself into some pointless relationship that’s doomed to fail. Your choice”