Lesson Learned in Life by Bayu Sembada

001. If you found your wife lying, you need to reconsider your marriage.

002. Always do a background check on your women, most important the family.

003. Beauty is not everything.

004. Don’t believe to a women saying that she wants to marry you, but in live she walks in front of you.

005. Find a wife that support you, not the one that drag you down and digging you.

006. Don’t give all your financial access to your wife, protect your own assets, and put everything under your name.

007. Watch out for this kind of women: a widow, came from a simple family, extremely beautiful and sexy, love to buy things, selfish like hell, want to get married as soon as possible, looking for honest and a good man.

008. Put your goals in a piece of paper or computer file and track the progress, so later you can back in time and smile.

009. Help your friends, because you don’t know when you will need them.

010. Be grateful, God knows what His doing.

011. Listen to your sister or brother or parents, they know what best for you.

012. Make your parents happy, because you can seek happiness through them.

013. Always tell the truth, because people will respect you.

014. Look for a smart, intelligent and fair women, cause you can reason and brainstorm with her, plus she no longer worried about money.

015. Follow your heart, I know it’s cliche but it works.

016. Believe in LOVE, its sound week and old, but it’s powerful, even the human race can’t understand it.

017. Sometimes is nice to watch a movie marathon in theater alone.

018. When you do an overtime on the weekends, your boss ask you this question, “what do you want for lunch”, say No and say you can’t stay much longer.

019. Avoid women that make important decisions in her life without knowing the consequences, cause it just plain stupid.

020. Simple test to know a women love you, kiss her, see what happen.

021. EQ more important than IQ, so be nice to people. If you don’t have it both, sorry no one can help you.

022. If you found a person that extremely paranoid, anxious around people, insecure, hates by people around it, don’t bother to expect compassion and honesty.

023. Psychology 101, if your women jealous out of control, checking your phone, read your social media conversation or email, watch your body language and eye contact with others, most probably two things: she’s been cheated before or she’s the one that cheated.

024. Put 10% from your monthly income to a different saving account for a better future.

025. Don’t be to naif in life, don’t trust anyone, even to someone you love.

026. If you patient enough, you can see all the bad things in life, so later you can avoid it and accept the good one.

027. Don’t let anyone you’ve just met criticize you, it’s not fair, believe in yourself, just be what you are, because nobody’s perfect after all.

028. Try not rushing into something new, take your time, enjoy your freedom, maybe that “something new” eventually will find you.

029. Take a chance, make a choice and change your life.

030. If you lie once, most probably you will lie again to cover up your previous lie. And you will do this again and again and again until you don’t know the difference between the truth and the lie.

031. Simple test to know a women have a good heart, ask her to hold a baby, if the baby cries, than you’ll know.

032. Put your money everywhere, saving account, deposit, insurance, investment.

033. Try to own only ONE credit card, no more.

034. Learn to love selflessly. Learn what it means to be there for someone no matter what.

035. You got to live life without regrets and stick to commitments.

036. Always try to learn new thing and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

037. Always start a relationship with honest words. Be blunt and open for the things that you like and don’t like.

038. Be careful with your past, it can bite you back.

039. Don’t always sees the best on people, sometimes we need to see the worst of it.

040. If your partner doesn’t like to watch movies in a theater, question it, why?

041. Don’t always believe big and fancy brands, underneath it all is that matters. Same like a person.

042. Listen to your doctor, they have good reason to tell you what you need to do and don’t do. Afterall, they spend many years reading those thick med books.

043. Eat healthy food.