Samsung Galaxy A5

Official product information you can find it here. My Review:

  1. Nice premium look and feel, aluminium body. Very thin in size, only 6.7mm
  2. The price not too expensive, it’s only IDR 4.650.000 on
  3. Bluetooth works perfectly to all my devices (please read my post on Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth Headset), I connect it to Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth Headset and Playbulb Candle, no longer experience the sound is cut off from the source nor lag on Playbulb Candle (previously LG Nexus 4). However, I look up to google, the bluetooth version both devices already implement Bluetooth 4.0. I don’t why, maybe the Bluetooth profiles that different.
  4. The battery life however are very bad, normal condition (playing Simcity BuildIt no more than an hour total; play music and watch youtube for about an hour or two; chatting for about an hour total; configuring, install application, test application not more then a half hour total), you will need to charge the phone twice a day (I’m using 4G LTE as the network). First time using it, do the testing and everything, I charge the device three times. There’s workaround it though, lower the brightness and push down the network to (2G or 3G) can significantly longer the battery life. You charge it at night and go to sleep, start using it in the morning, you will need to charge it again at night. So at least it survive work hours.
  5. Have nice features to overcome point 4, such as Power Saving mode and Ultra Power Saving mode. You can find it in the Setting menu. I think Samsung already aware their new device drains power a lot. Therefore they add this features.
  6. The charger, charge the device pretty fast, maybe it’s because the charger release 1.5 Amps to the phone. Very unusual to most common mobile phone (usually 1 Amps). Like I said before, Samsung already know this device drains power a lot.


Ok, that’s all folks, let me test it again for a few weeks and get back to you. I also want to try the camera. Cheers.


Goodbye PS3

Thank you for your 2 years of service. But like my life now, time for me to move on, time to change my direction and goals. Time to see the world in a different view….Time for me to…. buy PS4 🙂

Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth Headset

I got this headset on 12.12.2014, the online sale day in Indonesia for a cheap price IDR 648.000 or approximately equal to $52,00. My best buy experience this year :D. Normal price I found it on Amazon $79,99. First look very slim and sleek design. First time use, hard to connect to a device and sometimes the sound cut off from the source. This happen many times, but it only happen in the beginning when you connect to a device. One thing that very awesome, how you change the volume and music track, everything controlled by your finger, just swipe the right ear pad to increase and decrease the volume or double tap to change music track. IMG_20141219_164310 The sound great, the bass awesome. Plus the look is very stylish. I connect it to two of my devices, Nexus 4 mobile phone and Dell Venue 8 Pro windows tablet. Both working and great. One feature that I think it would be great, notification of action. There is no notification telling me it’s being connected or not, not like my PS3 wireless headset, it has notification for every action that happening such as being connected to a device, change sound mode, etc. Even if the volume is already maximum, Jabra only notify us with a beep and the sound is very annoying. Official product detail you can find it here

How Do Developers and QA Engineers Work Together?

Useful tips. Hint:

3 Test type:
1. Unit testing (studies individual softwares)
2. Integration testing (combines different units to test as a whole)
3. System testing (looks at the complete system)

One and two belongs to developer, Three belongs to QA engineers. QA engineers should have the basic knowledge of the code that being develop.

Full article can be found here.